Greetings Fellow Alumni

As things return to normal, we felt it was time to establish a different way of communication in our group.  What you are reading now represents our efforts to stay closer knit as alumni, and band alumni.  We plan on providing you with quarterly updates of both CUPBAA and Pep Band events.  I hope you take the time to read and reach out to your fellow Clarkson Alumni.

Brett Gobe ’03
CUPBAA President

2021 Golf Tournament Update
Register Now at CUPBAA.ORG

It’s 2021, COVID is … okay, not quite over, but we’re excited to be able to have outdoor gatherings again! And that means we’re THRILLED to announce the return of our annual CUPBAA Scholarship Golf Tournament

In 2019, our golf tournament raised over $3,700 toward the CUPBAA Scholarship – more than double what was raised in 2017 and 50% more than 2018. Thanks to your generous participation and donations, we are able to continue increasing the value and number of scholarships we can award to dedicated, deserving band members. 2020 was a bit of a setback for our tournament, but our Tournament Committee has been hard at work since the conclusion of the Social Distance Decathlon to make the 2021 tournament bigger and better than ever.

This year, we are introducing additional events to the weekend to make it more than “just” a golf tournament. We want everyone to join us, feel welcome, and have a great time, so in addition to the usual golfing, prizes, raffles, and dinner, we have added a few more events!
  • Friday night beer and board games at Bard and Baker in Troy, NY 

  • Saturday lawn games at Western Turnpike Golf Course Pavilion in Guilderland, NY

    • Optional off-site hiking is available nearby – further details coming!

  • Saturday evening post-dinner cocktails at Texas Roadhouse in Albany, NY

We sincerely hope you will join us and make this the biggest, best tournament yet. As of this writing, we have nearly as many participants registered as we did in 2019!

Deadline for all printed sponsorship material is July 28th – don’t wait! please sign up or sponsor a hole today!

Clarkson Pep Band Update

2020 and 2021 were difficult times for many people, especially students.  The Pep Band was able to recruit new bandies, keep fun alive, and even practice a few times.  The Band held virtual game nights, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They also had socially distanced practices, a Halloween kickball game, went apple picking, went on various hikes, held movie knight, and finished the year with awards and kick ball.

Clarkson gave permission to hold pre-orientation trips this year, so the Pep Band will be participating again! In the last few years, these trips have included practicing music, hikes, bowling, lawn games, movie knights and cook-outs.

A huge congratulations to the FOURTEEN Seniors from the class of 2020, many have already started working in their respective fields.

New Pep Band E-Board 

President – Caroline Moreau, ’23. Caroline is studying Civil Engineering and she plays the flute.

Vice President – Liam Durkin ’23.  Liam is studying Electrical Engineering and he plays the trumpet.

Business Manager – Ethan Laferriere ’23.  Ethan is studying Biology and he plays the trumpet.

Conductor – Joe Desena ’23.  Joe is studying Mechanical Engineering and he plays the trombone.

Historian – Garrett Willard ’23.   Garrett is studying Chemical Engineering and he plays the trumpet.

Social Media Chair – Ryan McCarthy ’24.  Ryan is studying Biology and she plays the clarinet.

Website Update

With every setback comes opportunity, and with COVID slowing life down for so many, the CUPBAA E-Board took advantage of the found time from the pandemic to work with our incredible sponsor and alumnae Beth Moeller ‘88 and her amazing team at Interactive Media Consulting, LLC to complete a full makeover of the CUPBAA website, We absolutely love the new look and functionality! We hope you’re as excited about it as we are, especially after you hear what we have planned over the upcoming year!

Features added so far:

  • Full new look
  • Mobile functionality improvement
  • Updated About page
  • New Scholarship Information page
  • New Golf Registration function
  • New Donation pathway

Features planned for future:

  • Members Only section, including

    • Media Library, including members only photos, videos, and stories

    • Official CUPBAA Message Board for regular communication

    • Official CUPBAA Discord channel

    • CUPBAA Alumni event registration (e.g. COGO, playoffs, road trip instrument fill-ins)

    • Music Library – download & print flip books with current band music

If you have any other ideas, suggestions, requests, or comments about the website, please share them with us at – we are working hard to improve and make this useful for all CUPBAA Alumni!

Special shout out thank yous go to Beth Moeller ‘88 for her beyond-generous donations of time, expertise, and her team at IMC, Jenna Saccocio and Curtis “Cujo” Metcalfe ‘19 for their tireless efforts designing, re-working, testing, iterating, and creating such an incredible end result.

Alumni Spotlight

Bridget Murray Cully
What year did you graduate?
Class of 2010!What did you play in band?
Trombooooone!What’s your favorite CU memory?
Senior Week and Kickball 2009. So many broken printers and windows. So many frozen burger patties rolled like bowling balls.Who changes more diapers you or Banjo?
I change more of the diapers in total, but Banjo definitely happens to get more of the poops for some reason!

What is Johnny’s favorite thing right now?
CEILING FANS. He loves them more than either of us.

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horse?
One horse-sized duck. I would overtake it, train it to trust me, and then ride it off into the sunset.

Would you like to be our next alumni in the spotlight? Email today!

Bridget Murray Cully ’10                                   John Cully ’43                           Robert “Banjo” Cully ’10 ’12

Treasurers Report

Financially, the CUPBAA is doing well. We are now able to accept payments via PayPal and Venmo, and are in the process of setting up a checking account to facilitate the ability to transfer funds between Venmo and PayPal, as well as provide another option for paying for CUPBAA-related purchases. The goal with these accounts is to better facilitate setting up our own events (rather than going through the alumni office), and to obtain and sell CUPBAA-logoed items to our members and beyond.

As of July 1, our total balance in all accounts was $8317.35. Much of this balance is related to the CUPBAA Scholarship Tournament, so this balance is expected to drop as we pay for the golf course, dinner, swag and other tournament related items. Prior to accepting payments for the golf tournament in May, we had a balance of $1883.82.

Committee Announcements

Music Committee
The CUPBAA is announcing the formation of a committee to help establish, maintain, and improve a music archive for the membership and the Pep Band.  We are looking for volunteers who are willing to catalogue the music we have, find a suitable database to store the music, and select new music to add to the archive.  This committee will be asked to work with the current band to help archive, and order new music when the band asks.  The committee chairperson will set a meeting schedule and report to the executive board.  It is expected this will be a standing committee in perpetuity.  If you are interested please email Brett at Committee
The CUPBAA is announcing the formation of a committee to establish and write a set of bylaws pertaining to member conduct at events.  The bylaws established by the committee will be voted on by the general membership at the next general meeting. The committee chairperson will set a meeting schedule and report to the executive board.  It is expected that this committee will complete their work by the next general meeting.  If you are interested please email Brett at

On the Horizon

Stay tuned for quarterly updates about the following events:
  • Golf Tournament
    • August 7, 2021
    • Western Turnpike Golf Club, Albany, NY
  • Hockey Season
    • October 2021
  • COGO
    • Early 2022